Getting ready to Reach Out to clients

David Armes | 25th June 2020

You’ve done your homework, invested in reshaping your offer and are now ready to Reach Out to your existing and new customers. You want to tell everyone about it!

Even when there wasn’t a pandemic blighting the world, the amount of noise in your customer’s lives meant that it was getting increasingly difficult for them to hear about new or changed offers. How, therefore, do you put your offer out there so people DO hear it? That’s what we’re going to delve into today, getting you ready to effectively Reach Out.

They have to NEED it. You’ve already done your homework in this area, having gone through the first step in reshaping your offer. There has to be an inherent demand from your customers for what your offer is. It’s much harder to try to create a need even in the best of times, and to get people to want to listen to why they should need something right now is, frankly, a pipedream. Have faith in your research as it forms the basis of your communications.

They also need to perceive that your offer is AFFORDABLE. This is about affordability in money terms and also affordability in spending their time and energy in acquiring your offer. The real question to answer here is ‘How do you make your offer easy to buy?’


Thirdly, they have to be able to see WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM as an individual, as well as a company. If they can see the benefit for them personally (for example, it may help them keep their job, or they would be seen to be great in the eyes of their company, or even if it genuinely perks up their day), they’re far more likely to hear what you’re saying when you Reach Out to them.

As has been made so stark in so many markets and industries today, a huge number of businesses are struggling to survive let alone thrive right now. Facing up to this reality is crucial, as depending on which market you operate in you could spend your valuable time on customers where there simply isn’t budget available at this time, and no appetite to buy anything even if there was.

Using the above two points, relevance and resilience, you can segment your customers into those who you should prioritise with your communication about your offer. If you’ve got a moment, pull together your list of customers and potential customers and have a go at putting them into this straightforward segmentation:

The exercise here is to think about where you would place each one in the above model, and therefore how and when you will approach them. The following overview of each quadrant will help you:

You know what to change and how. Now you’ve got to move quickly to implement those changes. This does take courage to do so, because you’re taking risks. It may mean investing at a time when you’re facing a free-falling market and collapsing sales. But if you do this quickly you’re already beginning to starve your competition of oxygen. Trust your research. Seek inspiration and insight from it, look outside your business to see if you can find inspiration from others. Use your network, go online, speak to people.

We’re going through the exact same thing. We’ve had to invest thousands of pounds into virtual classroom software, and a huge amount of time and energy in working out how to use it. But we have faith in this course of action, because we did the research with our clients. We had to operationally change how we did things, and pushed ourselves to make it happen. If you have a team, get everyone on board with it and drive a real sense of urgency and purpose.

We’ll explore this in more detail in the next blog, when we fully move into step 3 of the React-Rethink-Reach Out-Recover model.

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