How do we remove the stigma of selling
and make our teams feel positive about it?

How well do you know your clients ?

What was the clients' turnover in the latest year?

What is their profit growth or decline?


Name two of their strategic pillars

What is the name of the commercial/sales director?


What is the clients' key focus for growth this year?

What is the clients' number one competitive threat this year?


What is their total marketing budget?


Who signs off the marketing budget?


What would they say is the biggest potential future disruption?

What is the number one question in their business today?


The biggest barrier to most teams growing faster is that they see the process of selling, to either clients or prospects, as uncomfortable, not for them, or even as something ‘dirty’.


Changing that mindset and getting teams to see the process through a positive lens is at the heart of future growth.

So where do you start? With the knowledge that clients and prospects actually want you to make contact, BUT only when you are relevant.

What makes you relevant is the answer to one of the following questions:

  1. Have you got some fresh ideas on how you can help with something I am about to work on?

  2. Can you remind me about something I should be working on?

  3. Do you have ideas on what I am missing?

The basis of answering any of the above is knowledge about your clients' business. Building a habit of discovering this knowledge about your clients, and then using it to proactively approach them, helps your team see selling as ‘wanting to make my clients more successful'.

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