Key to any transformation is getting new skills and behaviours to become new habits. With the right approach and a clear link to the delegate’s aspirations, new habits become a
fundamental way of working.

Start Here

The method we use to build commercial habits involves firstly listening to and understanding your aspirations and challenges. We then blend a solution from the methods below that will drive long-lasting changes and habits:



Working with Senior Teams to define the habits that need to be developed and how to support / role model these habits. 

Goal Setting


This is about reaching agreement between line managers and delegates on what would really motivate the delegate to build new habits. We then get this sent back to us to help shape the design.

Mental Representation

Through visualisation we help delegates to build a mental representation of what they want, and get excited by it. Having this, and a clear process of how to get there, has been proven to increase performance.



Topics can be trained through a series of shortened workshops. Workshops can be spaced every 4-6 weeks and last 3-4 hours each time, deeply exploring a topic.  This systematic approach maximizes retention and application of learnings, and habit formation.

Booster Events

After each workshop, delegates are sent contextual quizzes. These help as both reminders of the learnings and to move that learning into the workplace context.

Burst Videos


Used to reinforce the application of the learnings in the workplace, these are 2-5 minute videos that bring immediate support and reminders of the concepts just before use in the real world.

Virtual Coaching

Via webex or video conferencing coaching can be used in order to get ready for client engagement or to reflect on how they could have done things differently. 

Talking Heads


Delegates are videoed on their success, and what they specifically did to create the success. Sharing success in this way brings learnings to life and creates a real buzz around the organization.


Supporting you to create peer group or individual reward mechanics that are desired, even craved, by delegates. This energises them to try out their new skills and reach for success.