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Am I really 10?

David Armes | 26th October 2017

Turning 10 was so exciting, finally in double digits, almost a teenager, almost a grown up, it felt like a real moment in my life.


Seeing one of my best friend’s daughter recently turn 10 it brought all those memories back – the hopes, dreams, the adventures that lie ahead of you, every day.


And reflecting on 4twenty2 turning 10 this month, it made me realise that I am still that 10 year old boy at heart. Full of hopes and dreams and looking forward to having many more adventures.


Given that the number 10 has been mentioned 4 times already I thought I would reflect on the 10 adventures I am going to go on in the next 10 years.

  1. Learn Spanish

  2. Travel South America

  3. See my boys turn into full grown happy adults

  4. Stay fit

  5. Go to more live music

  6. Create space for me to learn

  7. Work with clients to create immersive programmes that truly change habits

  8. Use technology to accelerate peoples learning

  9. Enjoy my friends

  10. Complete a challenge (reckon I have another one in me)

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy compiling the list and I certainly couldn’t have guessed what was going to be on it. A couple of surprising things came out as I sat and thought - that I wanted to go to more live music and how important my friends were.


I can thoroughly recommend spending 10 minutes (why not!!) on writing your list and enjoy surprising yourself on the adventures you will be going on. And if you want to share, I would love to see them.


I hope you can join me in the journey for the next 10 years, whether it be as a client, friend, or fancy going to a live gig with me!!

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