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Working, Is it worth it?

David Armes | 21st November 2018

Similing Team

Running your own business is a wonderful combination of excitement, reward and independence. It does however also have a yin to its yang and that is the insecurity, peaks and troughs, over thinking.


This combination can sometimes drain your energy, make you question why you do this, even get you focused on the wrong things (such as short-term revenue).

And then every now and then something comes along and reminds you of why you work. I had one of these moments this week and wanted to share it with you, for 2 reasons. Firstly, because I am immensely proud of it and it would be a lie to say I didn’t want to show it off. Secondly, because it made me stop and think.

The feedback came from a client that we run a global commercial development programme for. The team that sent the feedback (below) attended one of the regional sessions we run in Latam. This team actually attended the session we ran in July 2017!!

"As we work directly with clients, we know the importance and the pleasure of being recognized as suppliers/partners and, for this reason, we would like to share a success story that you have helped us build, to make you feel, as a supplier/partner, also recognized.


After our Train the Trainer course, we have already trained more than 80 client facing colleagues in Brazil. Due to the intensity of our effort and the evaluation we had after the sessions, we received a "Gold Award" last month. This is an important award from group head office, to reward actions with high impact throughout the year.


You have helped us in this achievement, and now we share this success story with you now.


Thank you for making this possible!"

Wow, that made me stop, think and feel proud of the work we do.  I particularly like this because it came 18 months after the workshop, they have taken ownership of cascading the training, and they have been recognised for the work they have done.


After I came down from my cloud and stopped patting myself and the rest of the team on the back for a job well done it got me thinking, no reminding myself ‘This is why I work!!’ It is so easy to get lost in the financial side of why we run businesses, work for others, run teams, try and get promotion, fulfill our ambitions, keep ourselves secure. The truth is though if we focus on doing great work and being passionate about why we do what we do, we will have a much better chance of making all our ambitions come true.


Take some time out as a team, organisation, business and remind yourselves why you do what you do, how you can do more great work and be even prouder of what you do next year.