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David Armes | 20th March 2020

Old Typewriter

It’s the Friday at the end of one of the most extraordinary weeks our generation has lived through. I am sat at my desk reflecting on the conversations I have been having with colleagues, clients, friends and family. Absorbing the impact it has had on everyone, the roller coaster of emotions it has generated and the amazing change in perspective it is creating.


Why am I writing this? Mainly to get stuff out of my head and help clarify my own relationship with situation we find ourselves in, but also maybe some of my ramblings may help you find your own way through the next few days, weeks, months.

What have I learned about myself? That I need others around me to help me accept change more quickly than I would on my own. That talking through things with people I love and trust, no matter how crazy my feelings are, help me focus back on what is in my control to influence.

I have found out that at times this week I have felt weirdly energised (and also very low by the way…). What has energised me is the way people are coming together, notes from clients asking if I am OK, the resilience of people and the creativity I am already seeing – for instance my 84 year old mum is already attending virtual choir and yoga sessions in her home.


The main thing I have learnt, is I need purpose. Something to focus on that keeps me feeling like I am moving forward.


So I have set myself a personal challenge and that is – ‘How do I ensure I look back at this time and make sure I made the best of it?’ 


This is what I have come up with so far:


  • Adapting what I do to help my clients deal with their live problems  - developing their teams (virtually) to create business continuity (virtually), engaging and motivating a virtual working team, creating new guidelines/ways of working to deal with new types of client conversations

  • How can my business be in the best shape for when we come out the other side, working on all the projects that I have not had the time to complete that I now can

  • Doing what I can to support those around me - friends, family, neighbours -  that need my help during the coming weeks

  • Learn Spanish – properly

  • Keep fit and healthy – might even take on the press up challenge….


Would love to hear your ideas on how you are going to make the best of the time over the coming weeks.