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Remember what makes you great

David Armes | 19th March 2018

All businesses start with a courageous decision. Someone deciding to give up the comfort and security of a salaried job and strive out on their own.


All successful businesses must also have a fantastic idea, something that makes them great.


The combination of courage, drive, ambition and greatness turns the business from small into medium and occasionally global. But the road is never smooth and certainly not straight.


I have the pleasure of working with organisations in all phases of their journey and I have noticed there are critical moments in their growth, that have a common theme.


It’s the moment when the organisation starts to focus purely on revenue and process and forgets what made them great in the first place. This moment comes when: 


  • The monthly overheads start to become significant

  • Sales are not where you would like them to be

  • Disruption happens in your market

Now of course revenue and process are important and keeping on top of both is a central part of any organisations success, but it must not define you. If it does you stop caring about your people, your clients and what makes you great.


When we work with organisations getting them to refocus on this, and in particular bring their clients back into the heart of their thinking and planning, we see teams visibly come together and re-energise.

If you want to refocus on what makes you great and be re-energised, here are some tips to get you started:


  1. Pause, think and plan on a regular basis. Focus on the experience you are delivering to your clients

  2. Segment your clients and make sure you are putting the most energy into the right people

  3. Seek feedback on where you can improve from your people and your clients and act on it

  4. Measure meaningful conversations both internally and externally

  5. Make sure your people are personally growing as well as your business

  6. Actively create space to adapt to what makes you great, to remain relevant

  7. Be curious about what is going on in your industry, with competitors, with your clients customers and the world around you


No matter your size, from start up to global empire, the one thing we cannot do without are clients. Clients will follow you on your journey, join you for the first time, even recommend you, if they experience what makes you great, everyday.