We like to share some of our thinking

Re-engage before you re-task

David Armes | 26th January 2021

‘I feel my team are low and need re-energising, I am really struggling to know how to get them motivated to get out and sell again’

Well, the good news is January is almost behind us. Always a tough month. We return from our Christmas break and plug ourselves back into work. We set out our objectives and gradually find the energy to tackle them.

But January 2021 is proving tougher than most. With many of our traditional methods to re-energise our teams currently not available. We therefore need to think differently, as businesses and managers.

None of this is easy when your own motivation and energy is low. I can certainly speak from first-hand experience. So, I thought it worthwhile sharing what we have picked up from speaking to our clients and what we are striving for at 4twenty2.

I thought we would start with what not to do. There appears to be three things that are really grating people right now.

< Focusing purely on task >

 < Trying to be ‘sold’ the opportunities ahead > 

< All staff rallying sessions> 

Why? Mindset. If my mind isn’t right my behaviours won’t be either.  So, what are current mindsets? We have been polling over 400 delegates since January 1st, to find out. Some common themes are coming through:

They are finding motivation and volume of workload most challenging

They want to spend more time working on one thing at a time

They are craving more informality

How do we go about shifting them then? I hear you ask. From our experience we need to find the courage to be different. We need to be creative. We need to focus on:

/ Creating time for the team to share how they are feeling

/ Re-engage before you re-task

/ Give the team space to focus and improve

/ Implement support and learning focused on developing new ways of working

How can 4twenty2 help?


By supporting your teams to shorten the journey to the right mindset. We have developed an 8 week programme to do this. It will give your team the energy and confidence to kick start your 2021 sales pipeline.

At the end of the programme your teams will:

Have a pipeline of conversations booked with existing and new client contacts

Be building relationships as well as opportunities

Feel energised by the change and personally growing from implementing new ways of working