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Is it your time to change?

David Armes | 10th July 2017

One of the things about human beings is that the more we have the more we tend to fear what we could lose, rather than see the opportunity of doing something different. This is never truer than in large businesses and corporations, who often struggle with their approach to risk, change, and entrepreneurial thinking. At the same time, these organisations current business models are not growing them as fast as they would like. So what is the answer? We think it is 3 things:

  • Your present clients

  • Your future clients

  • Your approach to change


Why start with your present clients? Because they are in the same position as you!! They are looking for energy and ideas on how to change their own organisation. Having conversations about what future challenges they face and what new help they are looking for will unlock what you need to be to help them.

An untapped source of ideas are your future clients. Asking them, ‘What do you need to become for them to be future client?’ can unlock the focus for change.


Finally, it’s your approach to change, which should all be about small steps. Yes, in an ideal world we would all be brave and courageous and make big decisions on how our businesses will change, but the reality is that the implications of getting that agreed are too complicated with too many stakeholders. So, in order to work within reality, and get change up and running, don’t try and make it perfect, just get going with your first small step.


Change takes courage, and involves some elements of risk but boy the energy and results you can get from it are amazing.